Unfortunately not this age today!

Apart from my first Zoom Pilates I’ve no idea what will happen today; I’ve never had a lockdown Birthday before. However MrB and I are safe and well, and I know today will be a happy one. I will be chatting to Mum later, there’s a good chance the post will arrive and I am pretty sure there will be cake & Prosecco too!

So I thought I’d treat you too on this special day. Unfortunately IΒ cannot send cake but I can invite you to try a little Birthday puzzle. A few weeks ago many of you commented on the picture of my fabulous mum. Well two of the squares in the gallery below are of her and the rest are of me. Can you work out who is who?

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    1. thank you so much . . . and yes I love old childhood photos. The younger generation are not going to have this experience in quite the same way, as either their pics are perfect or they will be unable to access them because of digital changes

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  1. Happy birthday, Becky! I vote for the first photo and last photo as the two of your mother. There is obviously a resemblance, but those two look like much older photos.

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