Topstitching is a sewing technique where the line of stitching is designed to be seen from the outside of the garment, either decorative or functional. I nearly used this as my phrase for that rather natty blazer I shared a few weeks ago.

top stitching

For me though today I am using ‘top’ as in ‘top end’ or ‘best’ as this garment room was created by Nicholas Daley. Nicholas is a top British fashion designer who, as you will see in the video, draws upon both his Jamaican and Scottish roots, heritage and music.

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    1. 68?!! Wow that is so many – she is amazing to look after them all. I will have to send you the link to my pigeon racing post I wrote a year or so ago


    1. oh I am so happy you have joined us . . .and no need to try harder, whatever SquareTops will be great, and the first one in your collection today is so cute šŸ™‚

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