The Law, 572ft above sea level, is a haven for geologists, historians and photographers with its volcanic sill, 3000 year old hill fort, 19th century railway tunnel, war memorial and fabulous views. On a clear day from the top you can see nearly 45 miles in all directions.

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      1. Hmm! I’ll look. Unfortunately my computer died just as we went into quarantine so I’m just using my Tablet. I’ll try to look for you in reader. Thanks for the heads up.

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      2. It is most odd – Jude and I particularly seem to be suffering with it, and noone knows why. Like the idea though of vacations!


    1. Your lovely comment describes Scotland perfectly, as everywhere you go there are very solid buildings and wonderful views πŸ™‚


    1. I was thinking more on top of the hill, but reading it again realise I really wasn’t clear! So title amended πŸ™‚


      1. I know. What’s going on? I contacted Akismet and they don’t see why I am going into spam. I filled in a form for another site so hope they get to the bottom of this. Are you still having problems?


      2. Thought it was all sorted as the pingbacks were appearing again but comments were way down yesterday so wondering if there are problems again? Not heard back from WP, and hadn’t thought of Akismet but if they can’t see why you are disappearing into spam they will probably give me the same response 😦 it is just so annoying.


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