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I promised Jude some lines for her ‘Being Creative with Lines‘, and was hoping to join in with Sunday’s converging. However I have yet to find converging lines that fit #SquareTops. I will keep looking Jude but just in case I don’t find them I thought I would pop by today with some horizontal in the Ria Formosa!


WP Update as of 8:55am  – hi everyone the WP gremlins seem to have switched their attention from hiding me in spam to hiding your pingbacks. Quite a few have not appeared this morning despite you linking to this post. So sorry! WP are aware and are investigating. First tests have not found the problem, so until it is sorted I recommend you add a comment with the link as well.

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      1. Indeed I do. Once, a baby squirrel came over to me and took a piece of a sandwich I was offering him/her with open hands. Gorgeous blue eyes it had. Obviously, it was only a tiny piece – not the whole sandwich or anything…! 🙂

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    1. me again – I think my comment on your post has gone into spam. I have been having huge problems this month with WP – hiding my comments and others pingbacks. There again it could have been because of what I said 😉

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    1. oh thank you so much Cee. One of those photos I really wasn’t sure about, so the feedback I am getting is really fabulous


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