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I Goat

Not only is this my second post today, but amazingly this is the second post of this goat sculpture in London. Elaine beat me to it a few days ago. How fab is that. Top of the pecking order of goats in London I’d say!

‘I Goat’ is to be found 3.5metres high on its packing boxes in Spitalfields. It is the work of Kenny Hunter. Apparently the artist at the goats unveiling in 2011 said;

“Goats are associated with non-conformity and being independently-minded. That is also true of London, its people and never more so than in Spitalfields”.

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    1. ooh I wonder what delight you have in store for us today. Be there shortly – just doing a catch up on comments as not been online for 14hrs!

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      1. Thank you. I’m still pondering St Mary’s spittle, but I probably shouldn’t.
        However, I also noted that you mentioned your step-daughter’s vegan cheese. As luck would have it, my husband and I decided to try a vegan diet this year. I’ve tried to make one cheese, which was fine, but am interested in any other recipes, if she doesn’t mind passing them on. I can trade a killer vegetable roll (like sausage rolls only no sausage mince) or faux chicken snitz!

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      2. Unfortunately on the recipes I cannot help. The cheeses she sells are her income and so understandably the recipes are a trade secret.

        On one of her courses you do get to learn how to make a different cheese, but again those courses are a huge part of her income and so that recipe will only go to those booked on the courses.

        However I know when she started she began with a recipe found in a book. So you might be able to do the same or google. Most of her cheeses are based on cashew nuts, and I know you need to soak them first . . . sorry I can’t be of more help but hopefully that will be a good place to start


    1. From Edinburgh originally, but made the sensible decision to travel west to study at Glasgow School of Art and still lives in Glasgow 🙂


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