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The pocket square was once a necessity at formal engagements, and I suspect it still is for some. Generally though these days it is an opportunity for sartorial flair. And talking of flair, what splendid squares you have all been sharing.

There are now more than fifty of us who have taken part in Squares this month. Most daily, a few just the once and some ad hoc. I am delighted this week we have been joined by so many new faces as well as all you fabulous regulars.

Wasn’t that a great first room. Hope you discovered something new as well as catch up with friends of old, and I forgot to ask did you make that large cup of something? If you haven’t why not make it now;

  • Whilst the rest of us enjoy a wonderful musical interlude with our King and Queen of musical squares
  • And if you poured a glass make sure it doesn’t topple, that you have a permit and are drinking in the company of love!
  • Probably best though not to drink the juice from this fruit, but whatever happens try to keep smiling.
  • And continue to enjoy your reminiscences of visits and beautiful drives

The beauty and diversity of squares this month is proving to be a fabulous distraction. No wonder I am going to make the following plea;

I do hope everyone is able to visit at least one masterpiece in each room, it would be top notch if you could.

Thank you all so much for joining me in squares this month. I know things are difficult for many, and so am incredibly appreciative of you being here. You’ll going to love the final room; yup nearly time to top up that glass!

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