Whilst rarely used these days for surveying, ‘triangulation pillars’ are still brilliant as navigational aids. Quite often they are the easiest way to spot the highest point on a map (look for a triangle) and the highest point (usually) when out walking (look for a concrete pillar). This one we came across on this walk in the Algarve. As we approached I was hoping for a 360 degree view, however the vegetation had all grown up. So on arrival I pondered climbing on top, but I was quickly disabused of this idea too. Not only was the ledge above my head, but the sides were really steep with no footholds. So here’s an 180 degree view for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday gang, and below a puzzle for everyone.

trig extra

Puzzle – did you notice I manage to include top in the title?!

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    1. It was indeed, fortunately the winds were so strong that day that it moved on as quickly as it arrived 🙂

      btw looking at your url you seem to have linked to mine again. I will edit it 🙂

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