At 3:35am BST, the moon, known today as the perigean full moon, will only be 356,907km (221,772 miles) away from Earth. However as I will probably be fast asleep at this time, here is a shot I took a few hours ago, about an hour after it had risen.

Super Moon 7-8 April 2020

Looks more like a beach ball in this shot! Do hope you got or get to see the super moon too. Will disappear about 7am our time so you have a few hours left wherever you are. By the way this is a bonus square, the post I had prepared will follow later.


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    1. oh now . .. we need winds to come and blow away that cloud for you. We saw it again last night and it was even more lovely. I though have to peer out of a window, so envy your sofa view

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