Sue and I were due to meet up today for our regular lunch date in Guildford, however a certain virus had other plans. Fortunately thanks to the internet we’ve been able to catch up a couple of times via Zoom, and today in honour of our cancelled meeting I thought I’d share a reminder of our last outing to Guildford. Here’s to friendship.

Crow top square

My pic also happens to have a bird on top of a tree, and a path on top of a bank! There was even a Royal keep, with a room at the top, but I couldn’t make it square.

Guildford Keep

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  1. The SuperMoon’s affecting me, Becky. Can’t remember whether I’ve commented here today or not. So, if I have I’ll apologise as I’m commenting again!
    The good ol’ internet helps out when real meetings can’t take place!
    I’ve just posted an old friend of mine (another old friend today!):

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