Flower Crowns at Winchester Cathedral

Well quite a few of you do keep saying I am the Queen of Squares, so I thought it was about time I shared some crowns. One of them is even on top of a square cushion, and all of them are in a Cathedral which once crowned Kings and Queens. I have concerns though about the sizes, do you think these are big enough?!

Going to need a huge crown on top today, as today I’m sharing our first gallery. So pour a large cup or glass of something, sit back, relax and enjoy. I thought I’d start with some brand new squarers as well as a couple whom we’ve not seen for a while.

  • All of us learning how to roll with the changes at the moment, as well as balancing everything at home
  • There are though occasions when emotions run high or the giggles from the brilliance of tops over takes us
  • Hopefully though we will all soon find calm as we see the bigger picture or should that be rainbow?!

Wasn’t that a lovely start to our first #SquareTops gallery. Do hope it inspires you to join in with Squares this month if you haven’t already. I am finding it a lovely way to connect with people and explore the world, all from the safety of my own home.

  • We’ve been on some fabulous journeys already; from castles and footpaths high up in the sky, to stunning architectural toppings.
  • Even the ducks have joined in. No wonder some of us, despite current events, have been feeling on top of the world.
  • In fact one great Squarer has even been there and another has reached for the moon!

I am lucky enough to have a garden to escape too, and plenty of space in the house during this lockdown. My heart goes out to those of you and the wider community with no easy outside access and/or limited space indoors. You are all amazing, and our thoughts are with you and also everyone who is providing essential services and care.

All that bubbly and sweet delights has made me wonder how your cup is. Time for a refill? Why not take a short break before I take you round the second half of the gallery.

  • Welcome back, did you learn as much as I did last week. Not sure I’ll ever forget the burning snowmen, toadstool nicknames and owls in barrels!
  • I certainly will be looking up more and puzzling if in a hundred years my cooker will be considered top of the range
  • Please remember though if you go up on the roof, it is important not to topple over!

The variety of toppings in our first week has been quite extraordinary. You have all delighted me with what you have found and shared.

Before we enter our final room, I thought I’d mention how many of us there are here. Nearly fifty already, and we’ve not even reached the seven day marker. Isn’t that wonderful!

  • I thought we might escape in the final room into childhood fantasy where kites fly high and dragons carry their own top hats!
  • You see not only is it cool to be square but this month it is ok to go over the top or even JOTT!
  • Remember though as you chatter in the gallery to stay safe everyone and keep your two metres distance!

Thank you again all so much for helping to fill our lives with joyful distraction. I do hope you have all got your crowns on; we are all queens (& kings) of squares!

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  1. Those crowns are amazing! Loved how you put all the entries together. I forgot about it being the next squares. I will see what I can find in my archives and play along. 🙂

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  2. What a work to put them all together! I looked at every one – some I have seen during the last days, some not. Thank you for the opportunity. I love this challenge!

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