Textured Cake Topping

I originally meant to add this to Jude’s second textures assignment but was distracted by a building in East London and then I completely forgot about it! Fortunately though there are five Sundays this month and so I can include submit it for Jude’s 5th assignment. I think this goes nicely with her lovely lichen and thanks to my header I can also include it in Cee’s more than one photo. Best of all though my Portuguese cake makes a topping inspiration for next month’s squares.

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  1. So creative to use the top of a cake for “textures”. I will think differently about texture after seeing your cake. Stuck at home like this, all I seem to be doing is making cakes and quick breads, orange coffee cake, maple pecan bread, all sorts. At the end of this quarantine, my teeth will be rotten and my closet will be woe-begotten.

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    1. Ooh you should start up a community delivery service, your cakes sound amazing and just what is needed at the moment ☺️


      1. oh no 😦 not so good, any local museums or delis doing food deliveries? A couple of ours are, including a wine shop that’s doing sour dough and eggs as well as wine


      2. Fantastic . . . we gave up having a milkman years ago because they stopped delivering early morning to deliver late morning and so we were often out. Not great when your front door faces south. Wish we had them now!

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      3. I used to bake my own, but last year we cut out carbohydrates and stopped eating bread, cakes and biscuits in an effort to lose weight and get a bit fitter! Freshly baked bread is the best!

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      4. We have to hide half of MrBs in the freezer when he makes it so we don’t eat it all at once. I am as bad with freshly baked home made bread as I am with chocolate – can’t stop eating it!!


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