Daffodils in Guildford

My title is taken from A.A.Milne’s poem ‘Daffodowndilly’, you can read it here. It would seem though his title, like mine, was not original. There’s a suggestion his was adapted from the Nursery Rhyme ‘Daffy-down-dilly’, which you can read here. And guess what the nursery rhyme had probably been inspired by the title of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel ‘Little Daffydowndilly’. We do like to borrow don’t we.

Now I don’t have any more poetry to share, but I thought I would just mention Squares. You see if I had made this photo square then it could have been used for April Squares. The poetry is top notch and the flowers are at the ‘top‘ of stem. Yup you can think both literally and laterally for next month’s Squares. The only rule is square photographs!

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  1. These daffodils are beautiful Becky. The only ones I am going to see right now as I am not going outside and cannot admire people’s gardens 😞


    1. awww that’s sad Colline . . any chance you could go out really early before anyone is up? Around us noone seems out before 8am so good for a quick walk . . . if not we will just have to keep sending you pics xxx

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    1. Oh not seen Jude’s gorse yet, I’ll pop across ☺️

      And yes we are thanks. It is very odd life at moment, but slowly getting used to it. Some days more difficult than others but the Clap for Carers last night was rather lovely. How are things in Algarve?


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