Top of the morning to you!

We are all caught up in this world crisis, and it is really going to be a struggle at times. Staying connected digitally is going to help, and finding moments of joy will be so important. And for the next few minutes I am hoping you are going to do just that by switching off the rolling news, and joining me for the joys of magnolia in the spring!

Top of the Magnolia

It is not just magnolia squares that are distracting me, it also happens to be Saturday and my title is six, isn’t that ‘topping’. No wonder I was tempted to also make this a Six Word Saturday. However I have so many more ‘top’ words to share as this is the post where I am going to make the big announcement. So I think I better just practice my social distancing and wave at the lovely Debbie instead.

It’s time for me to reveal April’s Squares theme and learn if my ABCD posse (aka Aletta, Barbara, Cee, Clare and Debbie) were right when they guessed during the hint prequels. Squares Logo

It was always going to be a challenge to top the delight of January Light but I am hoping our April theme will keep our heads held high and help fill our lives with social connections and squares filled with joy. So if you haven’t guessed already from my three prequels and some earlier paragraphs, the theme for April Squares is ‘top‘. Now that may not sound quite as exciting as words ending in light, so let me explain what I am hoping your SquareTops will be look like;

  1. On Top of the World – summit, crown, peak or uppermost part of something
  2. Under the Big Top – topping or covering (or if you’re really lucky circus)
  3. Room at the Top – first or highest in position
  4. Cherry on Top – something made even more wonderful by becoming square
  5. Top and Tail – or maybe you’d prefer to play around with word combinations such as top dog, top stitch, top full, top line, top fruit, top hat, top secret, top knot, top drawer and top dollar!

My announcement square is the magnolia crown as I am hoping to make us all feel on top of the world. By the way if like David you are wondering about my hints the chicken was the highest in position, the pigeons were on top of a wall and on Tuesday we visited a big top.

I will share more information about tags on the eve of April Squares but hope today’s post will inspire you to join us for squares and set you off on your journey of preparation for next month’s squares adventure. Remember your main photo must be square and the challenge doesn’t start until 1st April. Let’s make it as top notch, or should I say top hole, as we can during these challenging times.

Stay safe everyone, and be kind. We are all in it together. Becky xx

117 thoughts on “Top of the morning to you!

  1. What a wonderful idea. I was actually thinking birds, so I’m over the top at being wrong. Oregon is going on lock down so going we are taking off to go to the beach today, before we can’t travel at all or go out of the house. πŸ˜€

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  2. Happy Spring, Becky! Let’s hope it’s a TOP one!!!
    I’m back to participating in challenges again now, so may provide a quick top or two for you. Can’t promise the full month, but there may be a couple I can share! πŸ˜€

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  3. Well, I didn’t guess the topic. What I was thinking was ’round’. The chicken’s bottom was kind of round, and then the balloons in the circus embroidery were round. Oh well …
    Top – this will be a real challenge, and fun to come up with things. Thanks so much, Becky! πŸ™‚

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  4. I wish I could start foraging (in the archives) now but it has to wait a while. I hope I’ll be ready for April. It sounds like a good theme but I reserve judgement until I had a look πŸ˜‰

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