Magnolia in Texture

Jude is asking us this month to play around with textures, and this week in particular to try different angles and to focus on the texture not the content itself. Today, thanks to tree inspiration on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, I think I may have managed it!

I decided to get up close and personal to the magnolia in our garden, and I even remembered to shoot at a different time of day to see if it would change the effect.

By the way I hope everyone is staying safe and being cautious if venturing amongst others. MrB is self isolating at home as he is in at risk category, and I am virtually doing the same so I don’t bring anything back into the house. However I did have to go out today to run a few essential errands for ourselves and elderly neighbours. Think it might be the last time I go out though after being terrified by the number of people who have a laissez-faire approach and attitude. No wonder number of cases are rapidly increasing.

53 thoughts on “Magnolia in Texture

  1. Life is weird, isn’t it? The uni is still open, so John is working but no face to face teaching. And he works at home some days which has caused a few territorial issues! Main problem is my mum who is half an hour away – I have to keep going as long as they’ll let me. She’s really not getting it.

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    • Very very weird . . . oh bless her. She sounds like many of the ones I came across yesterday morning. Seems to be those who are indoors and those who haven’t quite got it yet. Are the new neighbours good, I recall you said they had changed.


  2. Lovely photos, and definitely top marks for the challenge. Like you, I’m not so worried for myself, but for ‘im indoors. On the whole though, people here are social distancing like mad. Long may it continue.

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  3. Some lovely textures, Becky.
    And yes, take care. I’m also self-isolated, but broken printer and a few other problems have dragged me out. Apart from that I’m trying to do quiet walks. But yes, many people are enjoying the extra time “not in office” and are out and about regardless of the dangers.

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  4. I am also surprised. I have done 2 walks into back country and when i see people coming toward me i do a wide berth.. They however walk straight on as if it is not a problem to be close. so infuriating..


  5. I love magnolias, how nice to have one in your garden. The furry one is my favourite, a lovely texture. I have lots of magnolias scheduled for tomorrow 😊 Stay safe! I think living here we are probably better off than being in a city, and we don’t socialise much, though OH has had to stop going to his folk groups.

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    • My favourite too, so glad I managed to get it 🙂 thank you for inspiring me to go and play.

      And it is that time of year for magnolias! Look forward to seeing yours.

      Good place to be in the country and with small shops – it really was quite scary in town this morning. Just hope I haven’t picked anything up!


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