Magnolia in Texture

Jude is asking us this month to play around with textures, and this week in particular to try different angles and to focus on the texture not the content itself. Today, thanks to tree inspiration on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, I think I may have managed it!

I decided to get up close and personal to the magnolia in our garden, and I even remembered to shoot at a different time of day to see if it would change the effect.

By the way I hope everyone is staying safe and being cautious if venturing amongst others. MrB is self isolating at home as he is in at risk category, and I am virtually doing the same so I don’t bring anything back into the house. However I did have to go out today to run a few essential errands for ourselves and elderly neighbours. Think it might be the last time I go out though after being terrified by the number of people who have a laissez-faire approach and attitude. No wonder number of cases are rapidly increasing.

53 thoughts on “Magnolia in Texture

  1. It would have taken me a while to identify this from just the hairy fuzzy sunlight bud case. Clever! (And you’re so — sadly — right about the lack of adherence to distancing. Authorities closed Bondi beach due to crowds and reactions included anger and indifference to the threat.)

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    • So glad you like 🙂

      I just don’t get why people are getting so angry. I totally understand the concerns and wellbeing of small businesses, and really hope we can help them survive by finding alternative ways to shop and dine

      But for all the anger . . .surely staying alive and not overwhelming health services is in all our interests. We live in strange times.


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