Thinking we all needing a bit of fun in our lives at the moment and what better than a clown and balloons. I spotted this delight on Sunday amongst all my embroidery captures, and whilst I couldn’t make it square I immediately thought of April Squares.

Big Top

Yup it is another hint, and some of you may even guess next month’s theme from this third hint. If you have, fabulous, you can start preparing your squares. Please though don’t tell anyone else just yet what the theme is, after all you might be wrong! If you are completely bemused by my hints then you are probably not alone as some of them have been a bit obscure. The good news is that you don’t have much longer to wait. The theme will be announced at the weekend, and I promise you’ll find plenty of inspiration in your archives and own homes. It’s my hope April Squares will make surviving this crisis a little easier; by strengthening our blogging connections, keeping morale high by keeping us busy and most importantly creating more joy to go alongside the fabulous joy challenge that Cee, inspired by Ingrid Fetell Lee, is already running.

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