It was fabulous being with Anabel, as she knows so much about her city. After learning about Glasgow’s foundation it was time to visit the cathedral and Glasgow’s medieval past. Well almost time first there was a short diversion for a giant nappy pin!

Glasgow nappy pin

Mthpothta (Greek for Maternity) was created by George Wylie, and can be found on what was the site of Glasgow’s Royal Maternity Hospital, now Rottenrow Gardens. From here it was a short stroll, in what was becoming increasing wet rain, to Glasgow’s medieval centre. Unfortunately there isn’t much left and even what there is I didn’t photograph as my camera is not a fan of the wet stuff. However I did take a couple of shots inside St Mungo’s Cathedral. Dating back to the 12th century the High Kirk is the oldest building in Glasgow, and I was surprised to learn that even though it still has an active congregation the building itself is owned by the Crown.

Heading back down the hill towards Glasgow’s Victorian past, it must have been getting wetter and wetter as my photographs are all rather random. However they do capture the delight that is Glasgow’s city centre even on a dreich day! And best of all I caught one of Anabel as she was photographing a ghost sign on Virginia Street.

We enjoyed lunch shortly after a visit to Scotland’s first ever indoor shopping mall, and soon after I unfortunately had to leave for Edinburgh. I will though be returning to Glasgow as we never made it to the river, and there are so many museums and galleries to investigate. It is a city that deserves a part three and much much more!

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      1. She died young, never knew her but from her dad’s Death Notice it said she was staying with an aunt in Scotland attending the Glascow children’s hospital. I got hold of the hospital to see if they could pull records.. She was dismal and asked to leave as she was always late and not attending.. πŸ˜‰


  1. As a glaswegian who went to the uni where that safety pin is, I’m embarrassed by such a poor sculpture. I guess they bought it cheap. I stay in Edinburgh which is beautiful.

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  2. Apart from driving west through Glasgow once when my son was stationed there, I’ve never been. If Scotland could guarantee me sunshine I’d like to go back!
    Love your artsy photos πŸ™‚

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  3. That shopping mall looks delightful, Victorian? I don’t know Glasgow at all, though I did drive up there once a long time ago when my eldest son was working in a bar there. I recall going to a restaurant and his Aussie girlfriend arguing with the waiter that the wine was corked (should have know then that their relationship would be a disaster), and we visited Loch Lomond for the day which was lovely. Anabel has certainly changed my mind about the city.

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    1. I was delighted by Glasgow, and that was on a dreich day! Must be amazing on a summer’s day….definitely plan to return to explore further.
      Love your memories of it, funny how such experiences distort what we recall about a place!

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      1. It was the August bank holiday (English one) when I visited and a lovely sunny day at the loch. I do like Scotland, not sure why I haven’t visited more often other than distance.

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      1. Well that will be tricky. Having lived with an aunt and cousins for a summer in Scotland many years ago I can say that you can’t really be sure of the sun. But Scotland is delightful none the less. And you’re better off in the summer. πŸ˜‰

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