Rather bizarre I thought that they don’t actually have a spotlight on what is on top of the plinth! There again when I last shared a photograph of this I didn’t photograph the top. Back then I was completely distracted by the elephant’s bottom!

8 floodlight spotlight

Now though it not the time to get distracted by bottoms as there are only 24 (ish) hours left to shine our floodlights on #JanuaryLight! For those who are not sure what is happening there are a few of us beginning the year with a photography challenge. The theme is words ending in light, our tag is #JanuaryLight and the only rule is that the main photograph must be SQUARE

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    1. It is very addictive, and everyone is so lovely that I am not surprised you have become a regular squarer. It has been a delight you have – hope to see you again in April 🙂

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