29 starlight
Can you spot the International Space Station?







PS If you want to photograph above your house too, then you can sign up for email alerts. NASA only email you when it will be flying over. They send details of which way it will be travelling, how high in the sky and how long you will see it for. As long you know where north, south, east and west are you’ll be fine! ToΒ  find out more about how it works and to sign up visit here

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  1. It flew over our house a couple of years ago. I didn’t have a camera and I was afraid to leave and get one because it might leave. It was HUGE. No one warned us it was coming, but I got in touch and they confirmed it was directly over Uxbridge, Massachusetts. I really wish I’d had a camera. Yours looks like it was rather low on the horizon.

    Ours was directly overhead and it was so big — I didn’t expect it to be so big — that I could actually see the different parts of it — without binoculars. It seemed to hang there for maybe 45 minutes, almost like it wasn’t moving, but they said that was because it was synched with the movement of the earth and until it changed direction, it seemed to be hanging motionless in the sky like it was going to land on our deck. Also, I think the one I saw was the older model and yours is the newest version. I’m not sure when they swapped them out. I know the old one crashed and they sent up the new version. I’ll have to look it up.

    I always wanted to into space. It is my final unanswered wish.

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    1. Oh wow Marilyn that must have been amazing.
      You should sign up to find out when this newer one is passing by as clearly you’re in a great viewing spot.


    1. It is so much fun watching the ISS, if you don’t want to sign up you can just check on the website on an ad hoc basis, and enter where you are and if there are any sightings coming up it will let you know

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