29 starlight
Can you spot the International Space Station?







PS If you want to photograph above your house too, then you can sign up for email alerts. NASA only email you when it will be flying over. They send details of which way it will be travelling, how high in the sky and how long you will see it for. As long you know where north, south, east and west are you’ll be fine! ToΒ  find out more about how it works and to sign up visit here

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    1. oh no that does sound a sad story . . . the best thing about the ISS though it is comes back again and again so if you miss it once you will have another chance the following night or in a couple of weeks

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    1. I love watching it . . . I could see it tonight but juggling too much, might try tomorrow as it seems to be over northern Europe for much of the weekend


  1. Mmm… if you say so. Could be just a scratch on your lens πŸ₯±
    Actually I have seen the Columbia space shuttle when it went orbited around the world in 1981. We were able to see the horizon from our flat in Cape Town and watched it go by several times.
    (BTW what’s with the huge space below the photo? Is something missing?)

    Today I am going local: https://wp.me/pL5Ms-53k

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      1. I added it after it had been posted in response to some of the comments and so kind of didn’t want it to be part of the original photo – I do have strange moments sometimes!!!


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