28 streetlights
Memories of Porto’s Nightlights and Highlights

Are you ready for our fourth gallery? It is going to be a fabulous journey. However if you don’t have a cup or glass of something beside you, I do recommend grabbing one now or maybe after the first room.

Wasn’t that an inspiring opening, and there is plenty more to come. First though if you haven’t already done it, go and make that cuppa! You won’t need any cake as you are about to be;

And it has not just been inspiring photography that you have been spoiling us all with this month. There has also been plenty of;

Thank you also for your patience on the days I have been offline over the past two weeks. You are such a fabulous and supportive clan.

Hope you have been having as much fun as me. We are almost at the end of the fourth gallery, and our final room is full splendour and joy, as well as light.

106 thoughts

  1. Well that took a while to get through this wrap-up Becky 🙂 Thank you ever so much doing these well tied together words and links. So many great images. I did comment on some others just a like and on to the next one.
    You are such a great host and a great theme finder. I do hope you aren’t too burnt out.
    Have a fab Friday xx

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  2. A wonderful gallery full of light, Becky, thank you for hosting the challenge. I was hoping to have one more light-filled post, but unexpected travel plans are taking me away from the blog for a few days. Ironically, I’m posting “shadows” as the theme for Sunday Stills this Sunday 😉 I do look forward to the next square’s challenge in April!

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