Over the past few weeks you have all been inspiring me so much that I have been rethinking some of the posts I had scheduled. There have been four changes to date and a bonus; resulting in blight, daylight, sealedlight and featherlight. Today brings another change but also indecision. I couldn’t decide which flight to delight you with.

Wader Flight at Twilight
Waders in Flight at Twilight

You may have recognised my first square. It is an old favourite of mine, and it has appeared at least a couple of times before. Maybe you could share which is your favourite, and we can see if there is just one I should have gone with!

Nothing can really beat watching birds in flight in the sunlight, with a beautiful blue backdrop. They even though look fabulous in grey daylight.

By the way have you spotted that if you hover or click the mouse over the gallery both the bird type and a caption with words ending in light appears.

I could keep going and going with my indecisive squares of flight, but you are probably ready to explore the comments below and discover other square delights. So instead I am going to finish with my alternative header. Yup I was even indecisive over this!

Ducks in Flight
Remember the theme is ‘words ending in light’ and a square, unlike my spare header, has four equal sides!

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