Porto door
Sunlight, fanlight, lamplight and reflected daylight.

I am hoping is 2020 is going to be full of light. It has started well, thanks to my fellow squarers also sharing their squares of delight as well as taperlight, floodlights, firelight, skylight, candlelight, Squares Logoflight, starlight, footlights, moonlight, streetlights, torchlight, gaslight, and twilight. If you haven’t yet joined us there is still plenty of time to help get 2020 off to the best start possible. And feel free to find your own word ending in light, there are more than 50 words of them. Just remember though to keep your photographs square!

By the way I am off to London town for a few days and so will be offline for much of it. I will set aside time to approve pingbacks but you might find it is Monday before I properly catch up with your lovely comments and square highlights.

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