I find it rather ironic that one of my favourite shots inside the Museum of Electricity in Lisbon is of natural light. Although if you look carefully you will spot a spotlight!

21 sunlight square

It is though daylight that is the elixir for our mind, body and soul.

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    1. thank you for your lovely feedback . . . I am worried now about tomorrow’s square as it is a bit of fun rather than a photographic masterpiece. Think I might have raised my own bar too high today!!

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      1. 🙂 I like whatever you pick to share, and you usually have a bit of history to go along with the photos. I learn a lot from them! Still, we are here to have fun, so a fun photo is just right.
        I do have a question, though. Our photos must be taken by ourselves? I have one from a newspaper article that I’d like to show, but I didn’t take the photo – I was like a year old when it came out! haha

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    1. ooh yes they do don’t they. hadn’t really thought about it . . they were on the upper floor of the power station. In what was the generator hall

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