16 Skylight 1

It is day sixteen which means we are exactly half way! A good time I thought to visit Glasgow to remind ourselves of the theme and rules.

For the month of January we are looking to fill our lives with words ending in light, whether than be sunlight, floodlights, firelight, candlelight, starlight, limelight, moonlight, streetlights, torchlight, taillights, gaslight, or, as I have today, skylights. You can also find your own words ending in light, there are more than 50 words of them. Originally I’d suggested we avoid the blights, slights and plights but the ones we have had have been such delights! So hopefully we’ll see a few more of them and maybe even a trothplight.

Squares LogoI post daily during squares, mostly from the archives but there are always a  few posts which I specially take for the challenge. It would be great if you could join me daily too, but you can post whenever inspiration illuminates a square! The only challenge rule is that your main photograph must be SQUARE.

The tag is #JanuaryLight and remember a square has 4 equal sides! Do leave a comment as well as a pingback on my postsIt makes the challenge so much more fun, and enables me to include a link to your square in one of the galleries.

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    1. oh sorry they have never been out of the original rules. Flight has always been encouraged, it was I just thought plight and blight might not been very cheery but I have been proved totally wrong so the more the merrier I say!

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