Have you watched a sunrise yet this year? Remember it is an annual recommendation!

14 twilight

I also highly recommend taking some time out today or maybe tomorrow to enjoy part one of our second square gallery. There are going to be two galleries this week, so do look out for a second show at the weekend. In the meanwhile let us begin by welcoming some squarers who have only recently joined us with their #JanuaryLight highlights.

As always my hope is that everyone will visit at least five fellow squarers in every gallery post. It is a fabulous way to promote each other’s work as well as find inspiration for ourselves.

Jackie’s post has reminded me that I didn’t remind you to make yourself a cuppa, or pour a glass of wine, before you began to explore. Oops! Do you want to take a moment now, before we;

A huge thank you to you all for being such creative and supportive participants, I can’t wait to share with you the second gallery of highlights.

108 thoughts

    1. oh I am so glad you liked it . . . I had only just started drinking my first tea of the day when I took this, and had to stop drinking to rush to get some outdoor clothes on so i could go out to enjoy in person!!

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    1. I love double ups, and yes the weather forecast is quite dreadful. Currently being blown away here by the winds, I can’t even see out of the window as so much rain has been blown onto them!

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    1. As you say this is a good time of the year to watch dawn . . . I’ve been up before sunrise every morning for weeks but at most there’s only been a hint of what I captured in this shot! Hopefully after this latest storm has blown through we will be in for some special mornings . .. looking forward to seeing your highlight

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