Downlight or lamplight

How are you getting on with January squares? Hopefully your posts and also the reader have been filled squares of sunlight, penlights, candlelight, searchlights, starlight, headlights, stoplights, taillights, flashlights, moonlight, fanlights, taperlight, floodlights, torchlight, skylights, gaslight, streetlights, and twilight. Maybe you have discovered your own words ending in light.Squares Logo

You can post whenever inspiration delights you or highlights a square. The tag is #JanuaryLight and the only challenge rule is that your main photograph must be SQUARE. Remember a square has 4 equal sides, otherwise you may find me asking “but is it square?“. I seem to have been doing that more than once recently!

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  1. I don’t get your daily post until either VERY late or the following day. I’ve used this one twice, maybe three times for different photographs — sunset in Arizona, and the other taken in the shadows under streetlights in Boston. Two very different moods. I wanted to redo the shadowy photo anyway. I’ve learned a lot since I first processed this picture so I was sure I could do a better job. Think film noir. Shadows and men with pistols and daggers hiding in alleys.

    I love your lamp. It is such a beautiful color, I love the light against the dark.

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    1. ahh yes the challenges of us all being spread across the world and different time zones

      and thank you so much for your lovely feedback on the lamp.


    1. Yours is such a fantastic find!

      PS I will comment properly on your fab square when I’m back at my desk later, the tablet is being a pain at moment and won’t let me!


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