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I was feeling so helpless watching the news, and then I thought I can do something. So today I’ve made a donation to one of the charities in Australia. I know $millions have already been raised and is still being raised but I thought sending a few pennies is the least I can do given I cannot send rain. If you wish to do the same I have listed below a few charities you may wish to consider supporting.


Both Victoria’s Country Fire Authority and the NSW Rural Fire Service are running their own donations for those wanting to support the firefighters. Donate to the CFA here and to the RFS here.

Disaster Appeals supporting local communities

There are many, and you may want to do your own research. I started my research with the Sydney Herald, and here are two I came across on their ‘How You Can Help‘ page. Both state 100% of the donation will be directed to locals affected. The SA Bushfire Appeal is run by Vinnies you visit here, and for the Community Enterprise Foundation Appeal which supports individuals as well not-for-profits visit here


It is not just humans suffering wildlife is incredibly vulnerable. Organisations such as the RSPCA are working hard to help members of the public keep pets and livestock safe, and others, such as WIRES are doing what they can for the wildlife. Follow either of those highlighted words to donate.

By the way did you know the majority of koalas on Australia’s east coast live within the “Koala Triangle,” a region where the species could be extinct in as little as 30 years. Fires are raging through this area, potentially accelerating this timeline. More than 2000 koalas have perished in NSW alone. WWF Australia are raising funds to restore what has been lost. Donate here

Climate Change

Alternatively you may wish to support international organisations such as Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace tackling governments and corporate business on climate change.

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    1. That’s how I have been for days, and then thank goodness I saw something Celeste Barber was doing and thought come on girl you can do the same! Well maybe not raise over $20million like she has but at least I can send a few pennies and help raise awareness


      1. It is a pity a lot of the rich Australians haven’t done anything. A lot of sports people are doing their thing as well as the singer Pink. She donated $500,000 What a woman

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  1. This research and effort is fabulous, Becky. We’re stunned at how quickly these fires are assisting the effects of climate change, as you say. The end of unique ecosystems is what breaks my heart the most. However, many people far from the fires are seriously affected by the smoke, which has been ongoing for almost a month. Thanks from Australia.


    1. Watching what it happening to your ecosystems is devastating, and as you say the short and long term impact of the smoke is terrifying.

      really hope there are rains this month, and that you are not facing months of this.


  2. Wildlife is one of the only things I still find a few dollars to donate. usually, it’s through the Durrell Foundation on the Isle of Jersey because their job is to keep vanishing species alive long enough to get them back into the wild. I’m sure they are already working there.

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    1. Oh that’s a good one to be aware of, thank you Marilyn. The number of animals that have been killed is in the thousands so their expertise is going to be invaluable.


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