A bonus Square for Brian

Brian has set us a challenge, and so I thought I’d sneak in an extra square today so I could take part. He is asking us to share the very last photo on our SD cards, and like his Sacred Kingfisher mine is of a bird. Well two in fact – one is obvious and one is not.

Crow with Sparrowhawk


It is the one that is hidden that led me to take an impulse shot on New Year’s Day! Can you spot it? It is lined up with the left trunk of the beech tree. Not a great shot I know, but that can often be the case with impulsive shots!

I also realise it is almost impossible to see, but rest assured there is a Sparrowhawk there. All the other birds disappeared fast before it landed but the crow arrived moments after to investigate. And if you are wondering what makes it a bonus #JanuaryLight square, well the hint of blue of course has made me think of skylight!

27 thoughts on “A bonus Square for Brian

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