Nor could I determine what _____light it is. So instead it’s a Six Word Saturday!

Nepalese bell

How you getting on with finding your squares of words ending in light. There are plenty to choose from, including sunlight, floodlights, firelight, skylights, candlelight, limelight, starlight, footlights, moonlight, streetlights, daylight, torchlight, taillights, and gaslight. Our next squares begins 1st January, and remember a square has 4 equal sides!

50 thoughts

  1. I’m collecting pictures, but I wonder whether it’s okay to use images that don’t fit a single word. How about something like “Reflected Light” or “Laser Light”? Can I use those?


      1. Spotlight is on the list of topics I drew up. I still can’t believe I missed lighthouse off the list until a day or two ago despite being surrounded by them.

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      2. hee hee, love lighthouses although I have put them under nightlights as technically lighthouse begins with light rather than ends . . too good though not to include them 🙂


  2. I considered holding the bubble photos I posted today back for a Square Makeover. Maybe I’ll find a few more: they reflect the light quite nicely. You see – I’ve been thinking about you!

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