This sunlit square didn’t make it onto my shortlist for next month’s squares as I thought the reflections would be a nice distraction for today. Goodness knows if any light will be left in politics after this election, but at least there will be sunlight in #JanuaryLight.

PS and also reflection is the theme for this month’s #lpmphotoadventure!

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  1. I was thinking Wisley, and saw an earlier response confirming this….it’s those red plants, can’t remember the name….

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  2. That’s a cracking picture – where? As for Squares I have been digging in the archives, but reckon there will be a lot of daylight and sunlight ones!

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  3. Not being in the U.K. it took me a moment to work out the reference to the general election. As for the challenge, I’ve got two problems with it. First, I have a memory of Bon Scott fronting AC-DC singing “let there be light” going round in my head. Second, I keep contemplating doing January Squares with a photo from the previous day. A photo from December 31st on January 1st etc. But I also know how quickly that sort of plan can get messed up.

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    1. Apologies for the song memory, but loving your concept for January squares. Maybe you could allow yourself one day of the week to be archives to make life easier


      1. No need to apologise for the song memory. It was was the song “Let There Be Rock” and I saw AC-DC perform it in 1978. Decades later I was living in Canada and working with someone wearing an AC-DC T-shirt. When I told them I saw AC-DC in 1978 there response was “I wasn’t born in 1978”

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