Kestrel at Sunset

I can’t quite believe it is all over, we’ve reach the finish line and the sun is setting on Lines&Squares. Do hope you have enjoyed this month’s square adventure.

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined in the fun, I look forward to seeing you in the final gallery and again next year for January squares, but if you cannot wait until then why not check out Cee’s list of photography challenges.
PS At the time I prepared this there was a suggestion the sun might also be setting on the UK’s relationship within the EU. However as I update this on the 29th it seems we have another extension and a general election. The future is terrifying, thank goodness we have January squares to look forward to.

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  1. Beautiful way to end the challenge. Ignore my question on a previous post. I thought maybe the next challenge might be in December but January works for all of us. After all you need a break, especially before this busy upcoming season. Love from Canada. Carol

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  2. A lovely end of the line. Mine is a little different today and I am sharing it with Cathy (I do hope you don’t mind), but it seemed fitting. As always your challenges inspire me not only to examine my archive photos carefully but also to observe more in the world around me – why else would I be photographing ripples on a creek beside the supermarket?

    Enjoy some down-time Becky, I am sure you need it. Now the run up to the C word. But I have happily managed to avoid it this year so far!!

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    1. Thanks Jude, and delighted to have been linked with Cathy too.

      Looking forward to down time, especially as hit by an adverse drug reaction these past 72hrs!

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