Of course I knew rigs are big, but not sure I had ever really given their size much thought. I was about 2miles away from these rigs when I took this photograph of Dundee’s skyline. The rigs completely distracted me from the bigger line in the picture.

Dundee Skyline

The Horizon!

And the horizon is not the only big line I have to share with you today, I thought it was about time I collated our third gallery. So if you have a moment go and make yourself a cuppa, or pour a glass of wine, and return here to explore. The next 30 (ish) minutes will do wonders for your creativity and mental health, I promise.

It is never easy to know where to start in the gallery as every member of the square gang is amazing, however earlier this week I happen to notice the ‘click’ statistics and that has decided this week’s curation methodology. Enjoy!

Wasn’t that an amazing start I do hope you were able to visit at least one in the room above as they are either new to the challenge or only returned this week. In the next room you will find some old favourites and a few masterpieces, somehow missed your ‘clicks’ last week.

  • This week’s wonders this week have included architectural domes and colourful weaving as well as natural beauty
  • The WordPress gremlins nearly made me miss this delight, but fortunately saved by my good habit of double-checks.
  • I’ve enjoyed this week’s different views of bridges but there was only one place I really wanted to be!

I am honoured by how many participants are taking part this month. Over seventy of you have shared lines to date, with around sixty in this week’s gallery and just under half are sharing daily. It is quite extraordinary and, as you will discover in our next room, inspiring.

  • It is not just photography our squarers delight us with, there is also poetry, links to other challenges, music and laughter.
  • We’ve discovered the perfect place to escape, architecture and art to enjoy
  • I think we all probably would agree they don’t make them like this anymore, and that it is not just lines which are everywhere
  • There is always time for the incredibly cute especially when world leaders are busy drawing lines in the sand.

Did I mention coffee and refreshments at the start? If not maybe now is the time to make yourself a little something as you are approaching the half way mark! Maybe something fizzy to celebrate some very special people in this room.

Wasn’t that a glorious room to take us over the half way line. Do hope you can stay until the end. However if you haven’t got much time today why not bookmark this post to return to over the weekend.

It would mean so much to me if you could visit at least one artist from every room, and if you are really feeling energetic don’t forget there are also brand new squares to visit in the comments below. But before you dash let’s enjoy the delights in our fifth room.

  • There are chandeliers here and even coincidences as I am visiting this garden on Tuesday
  • You’ll also discover in this room an irresistible Zoe, stunning autumnal colours and even laundry!
  • I thought these roof lines really special, and I think this is the first time I have ever seen dashed clouds

I hope no one has stepped on any lines this month, or if you have were able to negotiate successfully with the bears! I would hate to lose any of you, specially my blogging friends whom statistics have brought together in our penultimate room.

And so we come to the final room of this week’s gallery. I know from the statistics many of you have been visiting this fabulous squarers regularly, but I really hope you will make time to visit some or all of them again today as they are such a great crowd.

  • They have shared with us puzzles, and welcomed us to their front yards
  • Taken us to the perfect spot at sunset and spoilt us with so many adventures
  • We may have felt sheepish in visiting but have stood back in awe at their curves as they have walked with us down the hallway
  • Squares is a perfect abstraction from life, thanks to the gems you have found.

180 degrees

Thank you all for being such fabulous and supportive participants

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