Tying Stone for the Donkey

We should be able to work out the time from this shadow as the lower the sun the longer the shadows. To assist you with your calculations I can tell you it wasn’t early morning and that I was in southern Portugal. I can also advise that there is only a week left of squares, where does the time go?!

By the way if you are intrigued by my photograph, it isn’t a sundial really! It is an pedra de amarrar do burro, to discover more why not check out this post I wrote a while ago.

79 thoughts

    1. sundials are almost the same as a clock . . .the difference is they only have an hour hand, so you have to look more closely to work out the exact minutes past the hour – ie where the shadow falls between the two numbers tells you what time it is past the first number.


    1. You clearly a fabulous adult in your life (or were a good reader) to be able to do that 🙂 worries me so many young people these days can’t tell the time by the position of the sun or shadows. We’re losing touch with the world around us


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