Long, short, straight and narrow

as well wavy, singular, contoured and curved!

Pottery lines

Yay, it is time to feature another gallery! I have an extraordinary collection for you today so really hope you can spare half hour or so today or even later this week to explore everyone’s squares. I thought I’d begin with some members of the square gang who  were in the very first squares in September 2017, and are still squaring today.

Aren’t they a fabulous bunch, especially Jude as she’s been sharing daily squares every quarter since 2017. And you know who else is great all the new squarers who have joined us this week. Do hope you can spare a few minutes to come along and welcome them, I have listed them all together in our next square room.

It’s now time for the rest of our regular and amazing square gang. Your brilliant squares and wonderful feedback has been so inspiring this week, and there have been so many of you.

  • Sharing your extraordinary ceilings, intriguing toilets and random shoes,
  • Encouraging us to take a seat and for reminding me what the best thing about shadows is!
  • If it hadn’t been for all of you collecting lines, I’d never have realised cleaning could be dynamic, or that functional could be so interesting.
  • And I have even started to look at wires and barriers differently!

Oh my I have just realised I never mentioned coffee or cake. You may wish to take a short break now, as we still have quite a few superb squares to visit.

Have you had any favourites yet? There is always one or two that make me sit back in wonder. And then there are those that make me chuckle, those that inspire me to make some changes to the schedule and those that make me think.

Did you make yourself that drink? If not why not make one now to make sure you enjoy our final room with as much energy and excitement as we did the first.

Thank you all for being such a fabulous gang. It truly is an honour to host squares for you, and an extra special thank you to those of you who have been able to make the time to visit every one of the 60 plus squares in our second October Squares gallery.

Just don’t forget though if you do join in your photograph must be

square in shape!


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  1. That is a gorgeous pottery piece. It’s great to see it captured before it gets glazed and fired into its final, permanent form. It’s got such graceful lines. And thank you for the shout-out to my lines. I appreciate it. But you can’t have my lamp! 😉

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  2. That is a gorgeous pottery piece, with such graceful lines. It’s great to see it captured before it gets glazed and fired into its final, permanent form. And thanks for the shout-out to my lines images. But you can’t have my lamp!😉

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