It was extraordinary watching the Paralympics and such a shame the games are not as well attended as the Olympics.  All athletes are amazing but the Paralympians are in another league. The whole stadium had to be silent when the blind long jumpers performed so they could hear their guides. The first guide lines them up, the second (via shouting, clapping and/or counting) guides them down the track to help ensure they stay within the lines. Remembering of course to get out of the way at the end! The Paralympics is all about teamwork.

And it is teamwork which makes squares so special too. Everyone who contributes with posts and/or comments is always supportive and kind, and the quality and number of contributions is inspiring. No wonder I love creating the galleries so much. Here’s our first October gallery and I am delighted to announce;

  • We have some new square friends, and so I thought I’d begin with them as they journey to work
  • Although I am not sure I would ever get any work done here, and I’d probably be mesmerised if I sat in this bathtub!

As our first October gallery is appearing so early in the month it is not as quite full as they sometimes can be, but there are still more than 50 exhibits to discover. So make sure you make yourself comfortable and maybe put the kettle on!

I’ve mentioned the kettle but have you actually poured yourself a drink? If not this might be a good time to make yourself a cuppa or maybe pour a glass of something!

Life can get busy, and so don’t worry if you cannot post daily. The square team and I will be here throughout the month.

It is going to be a great month; I’d be delighted if you invited your friends to join us. I’ll be sharing the rules again tomorrow, but just in case you want to share today here’s a  reminder of where we started.

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