Squares, Lines & Rectangles makes this a CFFC too!

The theme is lines and squares, and your lines can be long, short, straight or curvy. They might be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, perpendicular or even zig zag.  You can even have them intersecting, natural, singular or in stripes. As whatever your line everyone is welcome in square photographs.

Here’s how squares works:

  • Create your square post, and include a pingback to one of my daily square posts
  • You can also add a link to your post in the comments on my post
  • To make it easy for others to find you and to generate interest across the web do include this month’s tag lines&squares
  • And if you spot another great challenge such as Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge do feel free to combine
  • Preferably post daily but you can also post all 31 in one go at the end of the month, just join us weekly or even pop in and out with your squares.
  • It would also be fabulous if at least once in the month you made time to enjoy one or more of the square galleries
  • The only rule you must follow is that your main photograph must be square in shape!

73 thoughts

  1. Thought of that too Becky 🙂 I have scheduled a few posts here as it is a holiday weekend and I wont have much time over the next few days probably x

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  2. I am beginning to confuse myself now. It is just lines you are looking for isn’t it? Not squares? Lines in a square format? Anyway today I have zillions of lines in different ways – it is a good job we don’t have to count them 😃

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    1. Confused again?! You’ve been looking at too many lines . . . .yes it is just lines in the square format 🙂 essential though they are counted 😉


    1. It’s the name of the organisation which manages the forest . . at least i think that’s what they are!

      Look forward to looking at your letters later, just catching up with everyone’s lovely comments now and then have a meeting to run to, but late afternoon today have set aside to enjoy everyone’s squares 🙂

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