You’ve seen this before in squares

Possibly another time too, and so

It will not appear next month

However it’s such a greatΒ set

Full of stripes and multiple lines

Here it is specially for you

A Six Word SaturdayΒ squares preview

Stars & Stripes

RememberΒ squares returns Tuesday 1st October

The final squares of this year

Our theme is Lines and Squares.

The line is up to you,

Whether horizontal, vertical, diagonal or parallel

Long, short, straight, thick or narrow

Natural, curvy, singular or in stripes

Everyone is welcome, if photographs square!

31 thoughts

  1. Have a great month Becky. If I can join in I will, but for now, work is keeping me very busy and I think it’s best if I pass this time around. I’ll stay tuned and have no doubt the month will be fabulous.

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    1. The rows of stars are in diagonal lines, so you certainly could consider them to be a line πŸ™‚ not every line is a row, but every row is a line, bit like rectangles and squares I guess!!

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