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Today is not only Happy Squares Day, it also happens to be a family anniversary. On 31st July 2017 around this time Mum and I were in a cemetery near Ypres with her cousin honouring their Uncle Thomas on the 100th anniversary of his death.

Thomas Henry Wheeler was in the 17th battalion of the King’s Royal Rifle Corps, and died aged 21 years on the first day of the 3rd battle of Passchendaele. He was the son of Benjamin and Ada of 1 Ranelagh Cottages, Ebury Bridge Road, Pimlico, London. My great grandfather, as far as we know never had the opportunity to visit his second son’s grave but he was able to choose the words for his headstone;

Although far away ever near

We don’t know much more about Thomas unfortunately, but you can visit my original post for a little bit about on our trip.

PS if you arrived here looking for squares, this is a kind of squares entry but it is neither my main one for today (that’s here) or my final one as it will follow this evening. And of course there’s a final square gallery to come at the weekend! 

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  1. Before we went to the Somme, I thought the cemeteries would be desperately sad places. But I was so wrong. They were beautifully kept and the headstones were poignant reminders of so many young lives lost. It was a moving experience to be there but also quite wonderful.

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    1. I know they are quite amazing . . . .you have reminded me I really must write the post on the man behind it all


  2. Your post reminds me how 100 years of history can seem so fresh when the family honours what their relatives took part in. I hope the memory of your great uncle will stay fresh long into the future.

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