In the garden with a lensball

Can’t quite believe it is almost over, what a month it has been. Of course if this had taken place in June as usual then today, the 30th day, would have been our last day. However we are into July and so of course we have another day to go. Yay!

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    1. Thank you so much Cee . . . and I just love the fact your photos are almost live. Feels like I am there with you, especially as I reply within moments 🙂


    1. oh thank you so much . . .I am not normally very creative with a camera, but thanks to my friend’s present I am now exploring creative photography 🙂

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  1. I’m back to the sea today though in reality it appears we have jumped from summer into autumn without those last days of late summer!! A good ole stormy night last night kept me awake for three hours in the wee hours! on a MUCH calmer day.

    I also had an orb pretty similar to what you have done with your lensball, not included in my 31 so I thought I’d try and post it in this comment for you to compare. G.Magnificum I suspect (well mine is).

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    1. oh wow this is amazing . . . I need to learn how to do things like this with mine. And you are probably right, I have no idea it self seeded!!

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