Cais das Quatro Aguas

How did this happen it is our final Sunday of blues. I can’t quite believe it is almost all over, so let us extend our final Sunday with another polished gallery but this time from under the umbrellas.

Did you remember to make yourself a long drink? The gallery is stupendous, but will take a while to properly look round, so if you haven’t made your cuppa yet here’s your chance before we discover;

I wonder what caught your eye this week, do leave a comment below sharing your favourites. Perhaps it has been;

It must be time for a second, or maybe third cuppa, so go on take a break for a few minutes and make yourself that drink. I’ll still be here when you get back!

Now it is almost time to shut the gallery doors, but before you dash away we do have some fabulous square delights for you.

Hasn’t it been another fabulous gallery. There will be a final gallery for the final few days of July Squares. It will probably appear next weekend as I have some bonus blues to squeeze in first!

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