A few weeks ago I finally visited Castle Cary’s tiny museum. However what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in content. I’m hoping they might run an event for Heritage Open Days as this part of Somerset is bereft of events and this is a complete treasure trove of rural life and local history.

Even if they don’t have a chance to take part this year I will share a proper post on it one day soon. For now though as we are in the middle of squares here’s just one of the many blue things I spied.

Horse hair

It is horse hair, and was part of an exhibition on John Boyd Textiles. The company was founded, and is still located, in Castle Cary. They have been weaving cloth here, made from horse hair, since 1837. Despite the lustre and durability of horse cloth, they are now one of the last companies in the world still weaving it. Now that’s another place that should take part in Heritage Open Days!

PS Talking of Heritage Open Days if you are in or near Hampshire this September then I’d love it if you popped by for Winchester’s Heritage Open Days. With more than 150 events this year there is something for everybody, particularly photographers! You can find out more here. You may recognise one of the directors!