Wasn’t just people in blue on the platform I also spotted a blue square. Does anyone remember the product though, MrB and Mum certainly didn’t.

Zebra Blue

The next few days are a bit busy for me so I thought I’d share the third gallery today. So hope you are feeling comfortable and are fully refreshed as whilst it may not have been a week since the last one it is still a very polished collection.

Now before I continue with the rest of the gang I must just share a reminder that whilst I am pretty relaxed on the blueness of content your photo must square! This week more than ever the rectangles have been taking over! It doesn’t stop me from loving your photographic genius but unfortunately it will mean I cannot link up. So please stay square!

Lots of feelings have been shared over the past few days. The blues seems to have brought it out in all of us.

You may recall I shared my first tiles this week, quite a few of seemed to be surprised I had not shared any more! Well I did make up for it a day or so later, as have some other lovely members of the square gang.

Hope you are able to make time this weekend to browse in today’s gallery, even if it is just to catch up with everyone who is sharing a line or section with you. There are so many wonderful photographers and bloggers in our square gang, plus;

Thank you to everyone who is joining us on this great square adventure, do hope you can stay with me for the rest of the month with comments and/or pingbacks. There isn’t much left of the month, in fact we only have ten days now;

Wasn’t that fun! I do enjoy collating the gallery. It does take a while though so I may have to delay the fourth and probably final one until the end of the month. There again I may sneak in another one next weekend!

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