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        1. It’s an amazing light camera, just under 2lbs and no need for a tripod as there is no huge lens attached. It is a Coolpix Nikon P900, quite extraordinary piece of kit.

          Can’t recall exactly how far away we were, but it was quite a distance. I have though got very good at spotting things . . . and getting better at photographing them. Helps that when i am in Portugal we are out birding three or four days a week, and you soon get your eye in.

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        1. Wow, thanks! this looks like a seriously cool camera. (Actually no pun was intended, but there you are.) I was about to spend more on a macro lens, and it would have be heavier and much harder to carry around. I will seriously look at this. And I’m a Nikon girl, so this is right in line for me. I find the Cannon’s grip is too big for me to handle one handed. Thank you, Becky!!

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        2. I love it . . and like you am a Nikon girl. I had a much earlier version which I still bring out occasionally as it fits in my bag easily. This one I tend to keep for those days when i really want to go out photographing. I do have a body strap for when I hike with it as whilst 2lbs is seriously light compared to a DSLR with this lens range, it can feel heavy after a full day. I’d recommend it to everyone though.

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        3. Do you mean cross body strap – I just usually lengthen the shoulder step and use it cross body, but that still moves around a bit. Are you talking about something more securely anchored?


        4. It’s a proper harness I use on hikes as it enables me to take photographs as I am walking without having to adjust the strap. Well worth investing in if you are out and about lots.


        5. I looked them up on B&H – there’s a huge cost range. What is your experience in terms of how much you need to spend to get a functional comfortable one? I do walk with the dogs a lot, but I’m not out all day – usually 2 hours max at a time.


        6. I think i probably paid around $25 for mine, I did check out all the reviews first. You may be fine if only out 2hrs . . perhaps make a decision after you have tried out the camera.

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        7. Yes. The price range was absurdly wide. Knowing you got one that you’re happy with for $25 makes me very tempted. I usually have the camera, plus 2 dogs on leashes. The driver being the 2 dogs on leashes. πŸ˜‰ I think the harness might make all of that so much easier. I usually have the loops to the leashes around my wrist while I’m shooting, or I’m stepping on them so the dogs will stay close. Not having to mess with my shoulder strap and bring the camera round each time might make a world of difference!

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