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    1. thank you so much.

      I am way behind today as working all day yesterday, and then had appointments all morning today. Hopefully though will be popping over to visit yours shortly πŸ™‚


  1. Oh, these are sweet. I seem to be cultivating the scarlet pimpernel in my garden this year! And the flowers are orange, not scarlet at all! They do look pretty so I have left them alone. I may live to regret that. Interestingly the same plant has blue flowers in Spain (and possibly Portugal). Your shrubby pimpernel must be a different family.



    1. Seen blue, orange and scarlet pimpernel in Portugal! Apparently these ones are of the same family, well according to my Algarvian flower book anyway!!!


      1. I looked up the blue one, which seems to be exactly like the scarlet flower, This on the other hand looks different to me, much finer leaves for a start and no central colour. More like my Prostanthera phylicifolia / spiked mint bush (which appears to have died 😦 )


      2. oh no that’s no good, tell it it is not allowed to die!!

        and I am pretty sure I have labelled this correctly. I think it is ‘Anagallis monelli’ And it comes in white, red and blue!


      3. It’s definitely Portuguese and definitely wild . . . have to admit the photo in my book is like the one you shared and so made me hesitate too. But it is everywhere and I couldn’t find anything else that it could be. happy to be proved wrong though as I did only take the one photo so can’t tell if the centre is there or not!!

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