The original went from the Algarve to Brazil!

Exactly halfway so it is probably time for our next gallery. You are going to enjoy this one so much. I thought I’d start with those who were not in last week’s gallery as there have been some brand new faces as well as old friends popping in.

Wasn’t that a great start, hope you discovered someone new on your explorations.  By the way if you are intrigued about my boat and the journey, you’ll find a link to the sailing tale at the end of this post. Don’t rush there straight away as we have some wonderful squares to visit.

I know it takes while to visit everyone, and sometimes it isn’t always possible to spend much time in the gallery. I very much hope though you can spare a moment or to to visit a couple of your fellow square friends.

Is it time for that second cup of coffee yet? I had three cups of tea collating, or maybe it was four! Hope you have some sustenance as we are off exploring next.

You clearly have been spreading the word as this week’s gallery has a bumper crop of entries. Over sixty I think! It is such a privilege to be hosting this challenge for you all.

We only have one final room to explore now. Do hope you can stay and visit. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Wow what a finish, such an incredible gallery this week. Almost took as long to collate as it did for those Algarvians to travel to Brazil! You’ve inspired me so much I have even written a brand new Portuguese square. Thank you.

By the way if you are intrigued about the sailing trip in that tiny boat do visit my Portuguese blog for the amazing story.

Before you go though one final thing. I am very aware the WP gremlins have been out and about these past few days, and many of us have spotted posts and comments disappearing. I am hopeful I have not missed anyone in today’s gallery and that I have visited all posts this week, but if you have posted since last Tuesday and have not had a pingback today or a comment left on your posts please do let me know.

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