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  1. I love this picture. The pattern on the ball doesn’t seem distorted, but reinterpreted. The soft focus does something similar. We get impressions of complementary colours and patterns and are left to wonder about the original.

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      1. I’ll have to try to fix the next few on my tablet if I can. It is probably my pathetic attempt more than your post naming 😥


      2. definitely not you and not me either . . it’s the WP gremlins. Maybe best to link to the first one, whilst you are away xx


      3. That must be it . . .no worries I will go looking and link them all up today as I am creating the first gallery this morning 🙂


    1. if only! My knitting is truly appalling, you would be in hysterics if you saw my efforts.

      This gorgeous throw was made in Arizona, a traditional style I believe. My lovely lovely sister in law gave it to me 🙂


    1. thank you so much for popping by 🙂 and if you ever think of getting one they are great fun to use but does require a bit of juggling!!!


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