Are you ready for July Squares? I am almost there, just making the final decisions as to which photographs makes into the collection. This is another that didn’t make it!

Sunset in the Ria Formosa

I decided it was a tad too golden for July’s ‘Blue‘ squares but I guess I could have sneaked it in using the second suggestion.

  1. Your photographic square could be a ‘Bolt from the Blue’ – something unexpected or surprising
  2. Alternatively why not explore Into the wide blue yonder‘ – sky, sea or maybe a location that is appealingly unknown and mysterious
  3. Or keep it simple with ‘Blue – whether that’s azure, cobalt, sapphire, cerulean, navy, ultramarine, indigo, or turquoise
  4. And if you’re feeling adventurous there is the extra challenge of combining two of these, or maybe even all three?!

Whatever you are deciding to do I really hope your preparations are going well. Remember apart the theme there is only rule and that is as of 1st July your main photograph must be square.

Hopefully you can join me in posting daily but if daily is too difficult, then it is okay to post every other day, weekly or even just ‘once in a blue moon‘. Have fun! I can’t wait to see your blue creations next week. To help me find them pingback to a July post, and use the tags #blue and/or #JulySquares.

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  1. Gorgeous shot with a hint of blue, Becky! I am prepping my Sunday Stills post for June 30 and will shout out the challenge. I’ll link to your about page unless you have another preference. Looking forward to participating 🙂

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