Somerset friends

It is far too long since I joined Debbie and her Six Word Saturday gang.

So I thought I’d pop by with a photo that didn’t make into my short list for next month’s square photography challenge . It may not have made it into the challenge but I love it because of the memories it evokes with these friendly Somerset cows. Although actually these were not the really friendly ones. The overly friendly ones appeared three fields later and demanded hugs. I acquiesced to their demands but Mum isn’t that keen on cows so she hopped over the stile and escaped their head butting. Happy Saturday everyone!

36 thoughts

      1. I wouldn’t ever get close enough to a cow for it to step on me. πŸ˜‰ no, it wasn’t nearly that dramatic. I stepped in a hole, rolled my ankle and hey presto – two broken bones. πŸ˜”


      2. oh my, reminds me of a work colleague she did the same . . .well almost the same. She managed to find two holes and so broke bones in both feet!!


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