Today is the last Monday for spiky squares and after yesterday’s forbidding spikes (but fabulous gallery) I thought I better share some soft spring bristles today!

Mirror Orchid

My hairy mirror orchid is one of the most common orchids to be found here in the Algarve, which means there are also quite a few Dasyscolia ciliata wasps here. The Ophrys speculum is exclusively pollinated by the male Dasyscolia ciliata as the flower looks and smells very similar to the female Dasyscolia ciliata!

By the way there is still time to join us if you have the spring prickles too. Simply let your imagination go spiky, but don’t forget to stay square and to share before the 31st!

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      1. They thrive on our limestone, but our local varieties are very low-key compared to your fine specimen. E.g. our bee orchids are only a few centimetres tall, and you have to lie down in the grass on Windmill Hill to see them at all. We’re good for spotted and pyramidal though – around early June.

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      2. Ah limestone…… it’s limestone where I mostly find these too. Happy to lie in the grass photographing them, I do it a lot on our walks!!!

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